Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Year, a New Schedule

Hello and Happy New Years! I am so incredibly excited to be back at Kelley after a terrific three week break. Last year (meaning when I was a first year), I spent the holidays networking and traveling on treks preparing for the upcoming internship interview season. This year was a completely different story, as I spent the break relaxing and spending time with family. As I look back and reflect on my first three semesters of Kelley's two year MBA program, it is hard to believe just how much I have been able to cram in to such a short period of time. I accepted my full time job offer to work as a brand manager for General Mills in Minneapolis shortly before the break and am incredibly excited to sit back and enjoy my last semester in Bloomington.

Keeping my MBA program blog up-to-date with the same themes as last semester, I thought I would kick off the new year by sharing a little bit about my MBA course curriculum this seven weeks. My first class is X575, listed in the course catalogue as an experiential course. This was a new class offered for the first time last spring and is a class geared around improving your verbal communication abilities (meaning public speaking, interviewing, presenting, etc). I hope to take this chance to fine tune and polish my abilities! I am so excited to have class with Rockney Walters again this seven and his M574 Pricing Management course is an absolute must for all marketing majors. Additionally, I am in M513 Marketing Strategy Simulation, and I know this will be a challenging course. We are on teams of four and will have the chance to run a fake business through Marketstrat software and are responsible for making decision and putting the theory behind our other marketing strategy courses into action. Finally, I am so incredibly excited to be going on a Kelley International Perspectives (KIP) trip to Australia and New Zealand over spring break! We had our first class last night and I really enjoyed getting to learn more about the two countries through trivia and the first of many guest speakers.

It is shaping up to be a great semester and I look forward to staying involved in MBA student activities my last semester at Kelley!

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