Friday, February 11, 2011

No Fear: The Purdue Case Competition

Six weeks ago, my classmate and I were late to Academy Friday by just a few minutes. As punishment, we surprised the class with a rehearsed skit to bring some laughter and lightness to our Friday 9 a.m. start. The rule was: if you're late to Academy Fridays, you perform.

As a result, I was asked to compete in the Purdue Case Competition.

There's something fantastic about the culture at this top two year MBA program that I haven't touched on yet. Yes, the work is very, very hard - and we focus and participate in class, while completing our reading and homework, while doing the internship search and networking, while balancing our club needs, and at some point taking time to ourselves.

But at the same time, in the midst of the busy flurry, we have truly bonded in a culture of fun and lightheartedness, in the face of the strains, that can only be found at one of the top ranked MBA colleges like this one. We collaborate, socialize outside of class - but in the halls, we're still smiles, laughter, and know each other better than just a classmate or professional relationship. (In fact, as I write this, three classmates are debating four feet away where to go out Friday night)

At any rate, thanks to this fun and hard-working culture, I'm headed to West Lafayette tomorrow with three second-years for the final round of the Purdue Case Competition. There were 27 applicants in the first round, and now only six stand to complete for the top three monetary prizes. This is my third case competition total, first outside of Kelley, and I couldn't be more excited. I've got a brilliant team of second years who are almost done with their two year MBA program, so this time has been a little calmer and more focused than the previous two times.

Wish us luck in our Supply Chain competitionand hopefully I'll be reporting a first place banner next week!


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