Friday, January 21, 2011

Passing the Torch And Some Spring Supply Chain Courses

Before the Winter Break, we held elections for club officer positions. Officers serve in their second and third semesters. I enjoyed seeing the presentations from those running and having an opportunity to hear their vision for our supply chain professional club - SOMA (Systems and Operations Management Association).

The new leadership team has already begun implementing their strategic plan by introducing a Kelley simulation competition (aka "Littlefield") for interested students as well as surveying students to understand their interests in terms of activities, industries, and companies. To expand a little more on Littlefield, this is a simulation where you manage a factory supply chain seeking to optimize the number of units moving through the system given the cost to purchase and produce units as well as the cost to purchase additional equipment for the different work stations. The team with the most cash on hand at the end of the game is the winner.

Having taken a series of electives to fulfill requirements for my Management major (i.e. MBA Management degree), I am excited to be taking some more Supply Chain courses this quarter. Currently, I am taking Excel VBA for Modelers and an independent study which will focus primarily on Data Analysis and Regression. For my VBA class, I have already begun working on my first assignment which involves writing code to generate a series of actions in Excel at the push of a button. I am not sure if other MBA programs offer this course, but as a supply chain major, VBA is (and has been) invaluable to automating reporting and data analysis within Excel, saving a lot of time.

Independent study courses are another example of the flexible program at Kelley. You can write your own proposal and choose your own professor and spend between 1-2 quarters working on a project. So if you are pursuing a Social Entrepreneurship MBA or a Life Science MBA or a Strategic Marketing MBA or whatever the case may be, you can still pursue any course of study that is not formally offered through official courses.

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