Friday, April 29, 2011

Second Years Still Give Back

In high school and undergraduate, you may remember “senioritis,” where seniors stopped caring and just cruised until the end of the school year. In your current or last job, you may recognize those free-riders who have announced that they’re on their way out – and then avoid all work or confrontations in the final month.
As the second years enter their final week of their time as MBA students, they’re not cruising on fumes – they’re giving back. The first years, faculty and staff couldn’t be more appreciative.
On Tuesday, James, who used to work for the associated press, conducted a workshop for other students on how to conduct live, online meetings (through formats such as WebEx or Go To Meeting). It was very well-attended, and James gave some excellent tips that will help all of us as business gets more international and more digital.
Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Curriculum Advisory Council (CAC), which is the student-led team that helps improve and build upon the MBA course curriculum and associated materials. Even though they will be gone in just one week, almost half the students in attendance were second-years, striving to maintain and grow the best two year MBA program they can for future students.
Next Friday, the second-year band Cowboys & Indians will be playing their final show at the Bluebird to build upon MBA student activities, and it will be the debut of the first-year band. It’s expected to be a blow out!
Even on a group presentation I have due Monday, one of the natural leaders on our team is a second-year, Ji, who’s putting a great deal of creativity and effort into this final class presentation.
And just on Tuesday, our first-year class attended an orientation meeting so that we can volunteer for the first-years this fall as they get oriented to the school – we’ll carry on the tradition.
The point is that there are few schools, of undergraduate or graduate, where the classes are so integrated and work so hard for one another. Collaboration is one of the key aspects of the Kelley culture – and it truly intertwines with everything we do here. I rarely feel like we have a first year and a second year class – we are all Kelleys.

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