Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the most unique aspects of the Entrepreneur MBA program is the Velocity Conference. During the spring academy week, the Entrepreneurship Management Academy students head out Berkley for a four day conference. We had an amazing array of speakers, including successful entrepreneurs and experienced venture capitalists. We heard candid stories about individual’s successful and failures.
One of the most captivating speakers was T. Gary Rodgers, former CEO of Dryer’s Ice Cream. He had a wonderful way of weaving together timeless advice with interesting stories about his tenure at Dryer’s. He shared with us his 'lessons learned from 40 years of building a business.' My two favorites were "prepare to be lucky" and "be a persistent optimist." Hearing directly from entrepreneurs like Gary about their successes and quite often failures was fascinating. It brought to life the lessons we learned in the academy and in our classes.
Aside from impressive speakers, we also toured two high tech companies and a start-up incubator. It was there that dozens of Kelley alumnae from the Bay Area came out to network with us. All and all, it was an incredible and inspiring week. Velocity is just one of the many experiences that makes Kelley a top ranked MBA college.

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