Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viva Peru!

This was incredible!

I've mentioned GLOBASE before, so I promise not to repeat myself. But this Thursday, our Peruvian clients flew in to Indianapolis to meet with our teams for the first time. While we were in class, the leadership team of the trip was good enough to take them around Bloomington, tour the Godfrey Building, see the Art Museum, take them to the Center for Latin American Studies, and get them settled up in their rooms at the Indiana Memorial Union.

That night, we had an elegant dinner in the Federal Room of the IMU. The room was filled with about 35 people, and as GLOBASE leader and Economics professor Phil Powell gave his speech in 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 English, I looked around my diverse and fantastic team. Our client speaks very little English, so the fluent translator on our team is our only conduit for translation. Our dinner lasted only two ours, but our meeting the next day would last five.

On Friday we met our client at 12:30 at a local restaurant to continue to build our relationship and learn more about his business - a fish exporting company trying to get into the U.S. Our client is a modest, humble man who is very knowledge, friendly, and has a subtle sense of humor that makes him kindly charming. Delicious food and pleasant conversation, and our translator's incredible energy, kept lunch great.

We drifted off back to Kelley to complete the afternoon, and here's where the unique Kelley culture experience hit me. One of our teammates is from China. Our translator is from Colombia, translating Peruvian Spanish for us, and taking English from our Chinese teammate (which is her second language), and translating it back to Spanish. Which other top ranked MBA colleges are going to give you that kind of global experience, especially in the Midwest? It was an incredible moment of realization, power, and confidence that I had made the right choice in my two year MBA program.

I am now off to the IMU for one final meeting with our client before he flies back to Peru, and continues to ship hundreds of tons of fish a week around the globe. In just five weeks, I'll be on the ground in Peru helping him achieve his goals. Hopefully I can keep up the MBA Program Blog while I'm down there and share insights of my experience. Until then, Viva Peru!

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