Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Have Interns

When I took on the role of VP Marketing and Communications for my class, one of my first tasks was to "update the brochure." I had never made a brochure in my life.....and last year's looked GREAT. What now?

The last year's leadership team created "Kelley Creative Services." This wing of the MBAA reported to the VP of Marketing, had one creative director (a student), who then recruited other Kelley students with design backgrounds. This team would then create marketing materials for the various MBAA clubs when they had MBA student activities coming up. While this was a win-win (clubs got their word out and attendance up, while Kelley students got valuable project-management experience), the report from leadership during transition was bleak. The out-going candidacy said the work-load was too high and it was incredibly difficult to make the needs of all the clubs. In addition, when crunch time came on with the rigorous academics of one of the top ranked MBA colleges, the Kelley Creative Services' team was hard to find, hidden away in break-out rooms and libraries studying and working away. There was a challenge on my hands.

My first step was to get a director for Kelley Creative Services who was passionate about the position and very creative. I was incredibly fortunate to get an offer from one of the potential-presidents of a running slate - which demonstrated sincere passion for the school and its goals. She also expressed sincere interest in flexing her creative abilities - so the position was hers.

We put our brains together on how to make Kelley Creative Services fly, as every great business needs a great graphic department to spread the word of its excellent offerings - and the same goes for masters of business administration programs. Suzan, my creative director, had the brilliant idea to tap the talent of the graphic design school at Indiana University. She made contact with faculty in the school, and help open office hours at a local bakery for interested students.

At the end of the day, Suzan recruited six students to do graphic design work for us for the year of 2011. The graphic design faculty were so excited that as long as we keep this students working, they get internship credit. That's right, we have graphic design interns.

The Kelley MBAA clubs get their word out, designed by students who want to do a great job, because they're building their artistic portfolios and getting internship credit. Now this is a win-win; not just in the Kelley MBA program, but as university community members.

Suzan, excellent work - and the new brochure is looking beautiful!


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