Friday, January 21, 2011

Flurries of activity for the MBA program blog

When I think of a word to describe this week, flurries is the first to come to mind. Flurries, as in the snow flurries we received all week. Flurries as in the flurries of activity in the Graduate Career Services office with the kick-off of internship on-campus recruiting. Flurries of fun with Bourbon and Bison at the Scholars Inn. Finally, flurries of activity on the blog, with the addition of several new authors on the MBA program blog.

First, we are deep in the heart of winter here in Bloomington, and campus is absolutely stunning after a fresh snowfall. As a student without a snow car, I have been so grateful for the rides from friends helping me out this week as to spare the citizens of Bloomington with my less-than-stellar driving abilities.

It is the time of year where the first years get to put all of their hard work and practice to the test with the official start of on campus interviews. I did 10 mock interviews in 36 hours last week to help several students put the final touches on their interview style and have been working with my 4 mentees through the peer coaching program to make sure they are feeling confident headed into the week.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of 15 of my classmates at the Scholar's Inn special Bourbon and Bison tasting (coincidentally while it was snowing light flurries). This was one of those unexpected nights that turned out to be a great time of good food, great friends and even better memories from the evening. These monthly Chef's dinners have become a favorite of mine and have helped me expand my pallet and help me discover that I actually like a wide variety of things, including bourbon and bison.

To end the week, we had blogger training and welcomed several new bloggers to the Kelley School of Business MBA program blog. It was a great refresher on how to be an effective blogger, and we got to pick our blog focus. I'm continuing with 2nd year curriculum, food in Bloomington and the Peer Coaching program, and have been able to share information on two or the three with you in this post. I guess that means I better focus on academics in my next entry. Stay tuned and stay bundled!


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