Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wool Socks Off, Tie On

It's great to get to reach out to all of you again on the MBA Program Blog! I had a wonderful, three-week break over the holidays and am now on day four of being back at one of the top ranked MBA colleges - and loving every minute of it.

For my first week of break I opted to take a true break - no career work, no second semester work - just pure relaxation and Netflix submersion. As week two hit though, it was time to go through my Excel Tracking Spreadsheet and follow up on every networking relationship I had begun. Even in times of relaxation, it's essential to keep up relations for that much desired, much dreamed of internship (and one day dream job).

I came back to campus one week early but kept a low profile so I could prepare for another semester of school. This involved cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, paying bills, buying books and preparing the already-assigned homework.

This "quarter" I'm taking four courses: an Accounting course required by all, a Marketing Course with Jonlee Andrews, an International Business course with Roberto Garcia (one of my Academy directors), and my GLOBASE Peru course taught by Phil Powell. I already have my first call this upcoming Friday with the Peruvian company I'll be consulting for: Gervasi, a fish exporting company. I'm very excited - this will be my first international business experience.

Life in the new seat as VP of Marketing and Communications for my class is great! My initial work is on bettering the Monday Morning Email that goes out each week to the entire class, and am working with the MBA office to generate more and better video content for all prospective, current, and past Kelleys! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of us soon!

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