Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go / No-Go, Kelleys have the right answer

Ernst & Young Case Competition winners (from left): Sam Singhania, Rahul Gupta, Dhinendra Yadav, Niraj Patel.
By Nachiket Kale
Second-Year MBA

Student teams from 3/2 MBA program and Full-Time MBA program competed for the top spot in the annual Ernst & Young case competition. The case was centered on a business decision for a fictitious manufacturing and packaging company – Hoosier Hills. Teams were tasked with the responsibility to present their recommendations on either a Go or a No-Go decision on whether to buy an organic milk farm and follow up with the best execution strategy (and an alternate approach in case of a No-Go recommendation).

The case was handed over earlier on Wednesday. Teams continued to work on the case in addition to the regular school commitments. All of the teams came up with a set of well-thought-out recommendations and insightful action items. Out of all the teams, four proceeded to the final round and had an opportunity to present to a group of judges from E&Y’s consulting arm.

The presentations were of a premium quality and displayed deep business insights that one would expect out of a top-ranked MBA business school. Knowing most of the participants, it was very interesting to see how their respective presentations heavily reflected the course majors they have chosen in their Kelley MBA program.

It was worthwhile to wake up early on a Saturday to sit in on the final round of presentations. I particularly remember a response from a participant to a question about how their team went about accounting for risks. The participant’s response was, “In our carefully modeled cash-flow projections, we have accounted for all the foreseeable risk by calculating an appropriate discount rate.”


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