Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kelley MBA students learn to think, act globally

Kelley MBA students visit a textile company in Peru.

Guest blog by Philip Powell
Chair of the Kelley MBA program

Philip Powell
Being a "global manager” is no longer about where you are, it is about how you think.  

A global manager must leverage diversity, effectively move in and out of different cultural environments, operate on a 24-hour clock, and decouple the value chain from national boundaries.  

Developing these skills is the new frontier of graduate business education.  Leadership development and international management are no longer separate subjects.  Fusion of the two through innovative global experiences that emphasize action-based learning and opportunity in emerging markets is the Kelley Full-Time MBA program’s strategic priority.

The end game for a Kelley MBA student is the job he or she secures after graduation.  We design our global experiences to help students excel in traditional U.S.-based MBA careers.  For example, our global consulting projects via GLOBASE and team deployments place students in developing countries where they may not know the language or culture and they cannot take technology for granted.

Kelley MBA teams must conduct market research and generate recommendations for small firms or nonprofits that serve the local market – usually poor households and communities at the “bottom of the economic pyramid.”  An MBA student who can deliver value in this environment is primed to excel in a Fortune 500 position in the United States.

As our students travel around the world, we'll take you inside the stories of learning and personal transformation our global experiences offer.  Follow us as we intentionally make emerging markets a learning laboratory for the future business and nonprofit leaders that now graduate from the Kelley School of Business Full-Time MBA program at Indiana University in Bloomington.

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