Thursday, September 29, 2011

Navigating the Core

By Meghan Ackerson
First-Year MBA

The Blue Cohort experiences the Kelley
MBA "Core."
We’re officially a quarter of the way through Kelley’s celebrated “Core” – the integrated eight-course boot camp that gives students an entree into the major business functions we will encounter in our internships and beyond.  If there’s one thing we’re learning so far – and we’re learning a lot – it’s how to manage our time and attention effectively.

During orientation, we received not one but THREE papers to read on “information overload.”  Does anyone see the irony???  All kidding aside, the readings aided in preparing us for the deluge of choices, time commitments and information ahead at this top-ranked business school.

Having so much opportunity thrown at us is truly a wonderful problem to have – networking events with top companies in our fields, speaking engagements with C-suite executives, club meetings, Big Ten tailgating, and, oh yeah, that case we need to prepare for class tomorrow.

I certainly haven’t got it all figured out just yet, but what I can say is that this experience is teaching us to refine our goals and allocate our energy accordingly.  It's enabling us to craft our own personalized, a la carte MBA.  And the benefits of going through this process – clarity of purpose and an ability to cope with unceasing demands for our time – will serve us well on the other side.   


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