Monday, September 26, 2011

Re-energizing in the Marshall Islands

Greg DeMars and Theo Stamoulis enjoy the ride to the island of Eneko.
Third in a series of posts from Kelley MBA students working in the Marshall Islands on a project with the South Pacific Business Development Foundation, a microfinance institution that enhances opportunity in underdeveloped Pacific countries by supporting women entrepreneurs.

By Emory Zink
Second-Year MBA

While there are plenty of Marshallese grills burning and church services across Majuro, this Sunday we decided to escape the urban center and venture out to the island of Eneko, which is a 45-minute boat ride from the capital city. 

It is exactly how we imagined an abandoned North Pacific paradise. The water is crystal clear and all along the shores are sculpturally complex shells with bright colors and patterns. Sunscreen had to be applied about every hour, as the rays are brutal in the middle of the day, but listening to the waves lap against the shore and napping beneath a coconut tree is as wonderful as it sounds. 

Theo and Greg snorkeled out over the coral reef, and their descriptions of fish, plants, and underwater detritus are expansive. It was a slow and dreamy Marshallese afternoon, and an excellent re-energizer before we set out on more interviews this week.

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