Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fighting poverty in Fiji

Greg Casagrande shares his success in Fiji with first-year MBA students.

By Philip Powell
Chair of the MBA Program

Greg Casagrande, CEO and founder of the South Pacific Business Development (SPDB) Foundation, visited Bloomington recently to hear final reports from two student consulting teams we deployed during August (one to Fiji and one to the Marshall Islands) to help SPBD will provide their final report on expansion into Micronesia.

He also joined me in teaching the case South Pacific Business Development Foundation: Fighting Poverty in Fiji in the MBA Core, which was written by students who completed the MBA program’s first team deployment in August 2010.  The case won second place in the 
NextBillion 2011 CaseWriting Competition at the University of Michigan and was highlighted in the September issue of Delta Airline’s Sky magazine.  We also discussed the possibility of a third team deployment to support SPBD’s market expansion efforts.

Greg’s visit speaks to the strong momentum we have in our new global experiences curriculum.  From just this one partnership has come innovative action-based learning for students, contribution to “bottom of the pyramid” development in emerging markets, and global press attention for the Kelley School MBA program. 

We are learning how to convert engagement with unique global opportunities (especially those in emerging markets) into a huge return on investment in multiple ways.  

A new consulting project for PromPeru offers similar potential. The student team will conduct market research and recommend how the Peruvian government can market and promote fish exports in the United States.  Our strategic goal is a rich portfolio of diverse global experiences for all students that build leadership and management skills in ways unique from other MBA programs. 

Our success with SPBD suggests a very bright future ahead of us.


  1. i agree with you that your strategic goal is a rich portfolio of diverse global experiences for all students....thanks for sharing
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