Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First-year MBA case competition winners

By Kelly Giese
Kelley Partner, Kelley Staff
Eaton Case Competition winners from the Green Cohort.
For our MBA students, their first semester at Kelley starts and ends with a case competition.  

The first case competition occurs after orientation and before classes start in August. It is our students’ first project and an introduction to the small peer team they’ll work with for the rest of the semester. For many, it is their first attempt at analyzing a business case and presenting a solution in this format. 

This first competition kick-starts team-building and experiential learning. It serves as a launching point into the business principles that will be built upon in the Integrated Core semester. In the end, it is a measuring stick for students to see how much they’ve learned when they start the second competition.

The second case competition occurs after finals in December.  It is a challenge of endurance, but one that is very rewarding. After a semester immersed in business fundamentals and solidifying the relationships in their peer teams, the students often remark on the differences they see in their abilities and confidence.  

This year, the case came from Eaton on the topic of Aerospace, with several of their employees participating on the judging panels with our faculty.  We proudly congratulate the winners by Cohort:

Red Cohort
Blue Cohort

Green Cohort

We also congratulate the rest of our first-year students upon the completion of the Core. The strong finish in itself should be very rewarding to all. 


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