Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bloomington Brands

Bloomington Brands Class of 2011
By Meghan Ackerson
First-Year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy
One of the many unique opportunities presented by membership in the Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA) here at Kelley is the chance to garner hands-on brand management experience through an internship with Bloomington Brands.   B2, as we affectionately call it, enlists a group of Kelley marketing and finance students to manage the Osmocote® Plant Food brand, licensed to us by the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.

Over the next two semesters, my team members and I will have the opportunity to manage a real national brand – with a real budget and real-time data – from right here in our downtown Bloomington office.  In just a few short weeks since we joined the program, we’ve worked on developing a social media strategy for the brand, a pitch for Wal-Mart and a consumer rebate program.  We also attend weekly staff meetings during which our managing leader, Bob Stohler, shares his vast brand management experience with Scotts, P&G, Rubbermaid, SC Johnson and more.

As the ninth class to come through B2, we gain an expanded network of former Brands associates and a special learning experience that sets us up to hit the ground running during our “full-time” internships this summer.  It’s just one more way that the CMA fosters experiential learning here at Kelley.

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