Thursday, January 12, 2012

GLOBASE India Welcome Dinner

As part of the Global Experiences offered at the Kelley School of Business, we are presented with opportunities to learn about doing business globally through GLOBASE.

By Eduardo Herrera, Second-year MBA

Before leaving for the December holidays, a group of students gathered together for some discussion and great food: the night marked the first step of a great journey called GLOBASE India!

Emory, Dan, and Theo (the student leadership team) as well as Jim and Ray (Faculty and GCS support) have been working very hard to put together some fascinating projects and thought-provoking content for the curriculum to help set the stage for an incredible experience that starts NOW for all of us.

We will be working with CORD, an NGO whose mission is to facilitate integrated and sustainable development in rural India through self-empowerment processes, focusing on the following projects:

·         Develop a Marketing Strategy for CORD
·         Develop a Fundraising Strategy for Training Center
·         Increase Allied Sector Practices in Small Farms
·         Identify Rural Careers for Youth

Jim and his wife Debbie were kind enough to host an amazing Indian cuisine dinner at their house to get a chance to meet all of us and provide a great opportunity for the team to know each other as well. It was great to meet and start to get to know my fellow teammates, a group comprised of a very bright and motivated first-year and second-year MBA students eager to start working on this year’s exciting projects.

We discussed the trip logistics, course curriculum, the different projects and project leadership opportunities. Also, we will have our measurements taken so that everyone will have some form of Indian clothing to wear during the trip, whether it is Salwar Kameez for the women or Kurtas for the men. In addition to being beautiful outfits, they will help create an immediate rapport between our team and the women of CORD as well as the villagers we visit, as has happened in previous experiences.

I can’t wait to start working with my team on our project. Our preparation starts now and will culminate 100 days from now, when we present our recommendations to our clients on-site: amazing India!

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