Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GLOBASE Guatemala: Already an Amazing Global Experience

by Theresa Muench,
First-year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy

Among the top reasons I chose Kelley is the unique global opportunities available in both the classroom and abroad. I love how the Global Business & Social Enterprise program (aka GLOBASE) allows you to add an international dimension to your studies that will grow your competitiveness in an increasingly global economy, while you make an impact on a real business, and experience a new culture all at the same time. I am very excited to be working on one of these real-world business cases and I’m looking forward to putting all that I learned in The Core to work as a part of the first GLOBASE trip to Guatemala!

We received our project assignments just before winter break and got straight to work at the start of the spring semester. Four other students and I are working with a client who designs, produces and sells truly unique, high-end decorative bamboo products. The company, product and problem they would like us to solve are all really interesting and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know both the business and our client.

Outside of the Monday evening classroom sessions, getting to know our client has been the most rewarding learning experience thus far. Taking into consideration what we learned in class about the Guatemalan culture, we started to form the relationship with our client early. We set up a Skype call within the first week on the project and hosted our clients in Bloomington the following weekend. We really enjoyed taking the time to get to know our client and it was meaningful to hear the story of her start-up and discuss her goals for growth in the future. She is full of passion for her business and we left our working meetings energized by the opportunity to work with her and her company. Of course, in true Kelley fashion, we balanced all of the hard work with some fun and we took some time to enjoy sharing Kelley and B-town with our client as well.

As we approach the halfway point in this project, it’s difficult to believe that the time has gone by so quickly. It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating the kick-off dinner at El Norteno, and it is truly is amazing all that has happened in just the first few weeks of the spring semester. Already our projects are fully underway and each of the teams is working to prepare a trial run of the client deliverable presentation for next week’s class. The classroom, group work and client visit have already made this a truly immersive learning experience and it’s clear that these GLOBASEGuatemala teams will indeed make a global impact. 


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