Monday, August 6, 2012

Cream and Crimson Meets Blue and White

Kelly Giese
Kelley Partner, Kelley Staff

Over the past few years, more and more Kelley students, faculty and staff have headed to Israel for various initiatives.  Israel is a place where the Kelley School of Business is perhaps not as well-known as it is farther east, in India or Korea. We are hoping to change that.

Each spring, through our global opportunities electives, Kelley MBAs combine 7 weeks of coursework studying the businesses of a particular country, and then travel there for hands-on experiences. The result is valuable and applicable knowledge of global business.  

In the spring of 2010, and again in 2012, a team of MBA students, faculty and staff traversed the State of Israel, making stops in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, amongst other cities.

They toured the surrounding areas, met with important business leaders, and visited companies including Google, Carmel Ventures, Netafim, Ahava, and A Better Place. 

This past month, the Kelley MBA program participated for the first time in Education USA’s MBA fair in Tel Aviv.  Gale Nichols, Director of Graduate Student Services, represented Kelley amongst 23 other top-ranked programs. 

With more than 1,200 registrants, this was the right venue to properly introduce the Kelley School of Business to Israel.  And by meeting with over 50 talented and eager prospective students, we think the introduction was well-received.

We hope more prospective students from Israel consider Kelley in their pursuit for a top MBA education.

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