Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cohort Color Wars – A Day of Egg Yolks, Pie Eating, Hula Hooping and Fun

By Samantha Sieloff
First-year MBA Student, Consumer Marketing Academy

Last weekend 1st year and 2nd year MBAs gathered at RCA Park to revisit their childhoods with a Field Day of activities. The agenda was as follows: Egg Toss, Pie Eating, Trivia, Relay Race, Spaghetti Tower Building, and of course, a Dance Off.

The weather was perfect; a beautiful 75 degree sunny day. Everyone was in high spirits and came decked out in their designated Core Cohort colors: Red for the 8 AM -12:30 PM Core classes, Green, also 8:30 – 12:30 PM Core classes and Blue, afternoon classes from 1 PM – 5:30 PM. The social committee had even brought along war paint and bandanas in each of the three colors. This event was about to get serious!

First up was the egg toss. I lined up across from a fellow Red Cohort member at a nice, easy,  7 foot distance. The whistle blew and me, along with 50 odd other teams, lobbed our eggs across the short expanse. Cheer abounded! We can do this really easy task! Go MBAs!

Then the refs told us to step back about 10 paces. Suddenly, we found ourselves shifting from lobbing distance to hurling. My partner gave it some oomph, and luckily I made the catch. We were then moved absurdly far away from each other. All I can say is – I was glad it was my turn to toss and not my turn to catch. I threw my partner a high, soft lob from about 30 feet away. To her credit she caught the egg... right as it exploded yellow goop all over her! The rest of my Red compatriots similarly went down in flames. Blue won, but we are still waiting for test results to see if their eggs were boiled.

After egg tossing, a few brave souls volunteered for another dainty competition – pie eating. Two women and two men from each Cohort bravely sat down at the picnic tables with hands behind backs, and dove in. Roars from the different Cohorts clashed in the air as each team screamed in support of their pie eater. I was in the crowd, yelling and clapping with the best of them. Red won!

We eventually moved back to the grass for a relay race that involved 5 dizzy bat rotations, 10 hula hoop swivels, a crab walk, and a team effort to move a balloon in an over-under fashion to the person next in line. All of this might sound complicated, but all that matters is how funny it was to watch!

After spinning around a plastic wiffle ball bat, people were weaving and swerving all over the field in an attempt to run to the next station! Our team started forming protective bumpers to push our disoriented relay racers back into the correct running lane. Also, Hula hooping is a great way to make 23-40 year olds look really, really silly. 

Green won that event. Boo.

The day closed with a dance off where each Cohort had 15 minutes to pick a song and coordinate an epic performance to display to their peers. I must say, what Red lacked in effort, we made up for with enthusiasm as we did a rendition of “Jump On It”.  Green also turned in a very funny performance, but Blue stole the show with an extremely well choreographed and well executed routine. The fact that they had someone with an undergraduate degree in dance leading the way really showed.

All in all it was a great bonding experience, both with our 1st year classmates and the 2nd year MBAs.  The event helped grow my personal network, which has already begun to pay dividends as I now know people to reach out to for advice and information as I research companies. Thanks Kelley Social Committee for a great event!


  1. Great write up Samantha! You captured the energy and excitement really well. Also, I just wanted to make a quick correction that Green, for all their glory won the dizzybat-hoolahoop-crabwalk-baloonpop event, not Blue. That said, Blue's got the best crew! ;)

  2. Thanks for the fact check! I have made the change to accurately reflect Green's win. Thanks for commenting!