Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IGOE Lunch & Bread for Haiti

Kelley MBA IGOE Fellows 

By Laura Hernandez 
Second-year MBA Student, 
Consumer Marketing Academy

The fellows of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness (IGOE), an organization dedicated to providing opportunities to Latin American students pursuing graduate degrees (PhDs and MBAs) at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, recently had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch with the Founder and President of the Geo Global Foundation, Mr. Ariel Aisiks.

This lunch was coordinated by IGOE’s director, Dr. Herman Aguinis. During our lunch at the Tudor Room in Indiana Memorial Union, we were able to chat and ask questions to Mr. Aisiks. The fellows of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness are from diverse parts of Latin America. The countries represented in this luncheon were Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela; this diversity enriched even more of the conversation with Mr. Aisiks. The fellows had questions concerning not only their home country, but also of global importance.

Here are some of my personal takeaways from this great experience:
  • Plant a seed, be a leader, and promote what IGOE is doing
  • Look for ways to integrate communities in need in order to create a base that will encourage better business practices
  • Latin America is not a silo  and we have the resources and capacity to grow and thrive. It is up to us to make this happen
One of the projects IGOE will work on this year will be focusing on Haiti. Ms. Marie Jean-Paul, a first year Kelley MBA and M.D., is the founder and president of Bread for Haiti. This non-profit's mission is to provide education, healthcare, nutrition and shelter to the children and young adults in need in Haiti. I personally plan to continue my efforts to support Haiti’s progress and am very excited to collaborate with Ms. Marie in this endeavor.

Mr. Aisiks also gave us great words of advice regarding our future careers. He noted the importance of being passionate and loving what we do. My personal favorite: “Quit fast and quit often”. Meaning if you are not happy with what you do you should look for further opportunities without regret.  

Thank you Mr. Aisiks, thank you Dr. Aguinis, thank you Kelley School of Business, and thank you IGOE team for allowing me to dream big and getting closer to my career goals.


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