Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ROTC Leadership Training for GLOBASE

By: A.J. Miller
Second-year MBA
Consumer Marketing Academy

Getting our instructions from ROTC leader
Between pulling myself over a creek on a rope, dodging paintballs while running behind trees and saving stranded pilots who had crashed behind enemy lines, I began to wonder: is this business school or survival camp?  But that’s the type of experience I had during my GLOBASE Guatemala leadership training at the Kelley School of Business. 

I was not sure what to expect when we arrived at the training area that day.  I figured I was in store for long hikes broken up by the occasional trust fall exercise, but that theory was quickly shattered.  After a very “business schooly” visioning exercise, we were off to become men (and women).

As the day progressed, we shot each other with paintball guns, pulled ourselves across a rope tied to two trees (Cliffhanger style!), built a cart capable of transporting a barrel  100+ meters, and rescued an injured pilot while taking fire from paintball gun-wielding ROTCers. You know, your typical Friday in business school.

Crossing a creek with a rope
The day was fun and packed with adventure, but the real takeaways were teamwork and leadership. We were put in situations that were outside of our comfort zone. We were forced to make quick and smart decisions under tremendous stress and pressure. When I think about that day, I don’t think about the sweat, the blood or the tears (I had something in my eye!) – I think about how 12 of my classmates and I got each other over a creek on a rope, and how all of us working together transported a barrel from point A to point B with a few tires, metal bars and some rope.  These were accomplishments not one of us could have achieved alone, but through tireless teamwork and each one of us stepping up to lead when the time called for it, we were able to succeed.

I gained a new respected and trust for each one of my GLOBASE teammates that day.  I find comfort in the fact that if things don’t go according to plan once we’re in Guatemala, my teammates –calm under fire - will be there for me.


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