Monday, October 22, 2012

Selecting the Best Students

By Saad Handoo
Second-year MBA, Strategic Finance Academy

Greetings from the hallowed halls of the Kelley School of Business! Lately I've been thoroughly engaged on a project which involves taking students to Indonesia and planning seven weeks of classroom curriculum leading up to the trip. It's part of a new initiative that the Kelley School has launched, which allows a team of second year MBAs to lead an international MBA trek. 

But beyond just mingling with company leaders when in-country, we've ratcheted up the intensity by requiring trip participants to complete a thought-provoking research paper. We are making sure these research topics align with multinational brands so that students will come off more knowledgeable about global corporate operations leading into interview season.

Of course one of the first steps in ensuring an engaging classroom and in country experience is selecting those prized individuals for participation. With five wonderful international experiences for first years and second years to choose from, selecting a trip that meets their career goals and personal needs was quite challenging. Regardless, we got a wonderful stream of applications for EME (Emerging Market Experience) Indonesia this year.

As a leadership team, we came to a consensus on 10 to 15 questions that really drove home what we were looking for in a candidate. We set up a time to interview students who applied and took copious notes on their responses. Then, as a leadership team, we combined our notes and made final decisions on individuals who we believed fit best with the trips goals and values.

We're now at a point where we have 14 students who are passionately aligned toward our trip objectives of witnessing sustainable practices in Indonesia. Now it's a matter of creating a syllabus that promotes an interactive curriculum where student participants are also leading discussion on topics pertaining to Indonesia, sustainability, and renewable energy. I can't wait for the next phase in our work!

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