Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gayraoke!: Kelley annual karaoke competition

By Leila Bahbah  
First-year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy

This past Friday evening was our highly anticipated annual Gayraoke singing competition hosted by the Out @ Kelley club. The competition was held at the Root Cellar, which is a little hidden bar in downtown Bloomington that is actually in the basement of one of my favorite restaurants, Farm. The Kelley students were out in full force along with some of our professors! Our business analytics professor decided to dress up for the occasion. He was clearly very excited for the event.

Professor Heese channeling the 70s!

The night was jam packed with entertaining performances from Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” to Backstreet Boys to Billy Idol. All the contestants definitely brought their A-game. I was surprised at how many of my classmates turned out to be really good singers. My classmate Divya stole the show with her performance. Who knew she was such a powerhouse! Here are some of my classmates rocking out on stage!
Here's Kevin serenading the ladies!

Trent hearts Billy Idol!

Here I am with my roommates. Even though we’re in a top 20 program, we still know how to take a break from the books and have fun. Besides there was no way any of us were going to miss our Economics Professor, Phil Powell, get up on stage and sing his heart out. We all had a great time and can’t wait for Gayraoke next year!
Me and some of my most favorite 1st years!

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