Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Journey of a Leader: Catching My Breath

Meghan Curran, GLOBASE India 2012
By Meghan Curran
Second-year MBA, Consulting Academy

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year, I am grateful for many things, not least of all the chance to pause and catch my breath during this break.

Everyone talks about how crazy the first year of business school is, and at Kelley it’s no different.  The first semester of the second year has been a whirlwind, too! 

In addition to my classes, graduate assistantship and role as Net Impact President, I’ve been meeting regularly with my GLOBASE India leadership team.  Last week one of my friends asked, “Meghan – GLOBASE doesn’t start until January – why do you guys meet so much?!”

Well, in short, there’s a lot to be done!  Through September and October our team worked through three important processes: 
  •  Identifying our team vision. That might sound grandiose, but it is critical to our mission. It pushed us to talk through a lot of our ideas and opinions about what we envisioned for the trip, and make sure that we were working toward the same goals.  Once we had the strategy in place, we were able to set action plans and get to work.
  • Team selection. We interviewed each applicant to determine their interest level in GLOBASE India, learn more about their backgrounds, and answer any questions they had for us about the program – we selected those we felt were the best fit for the program. 
    Dozens of interviews later, we are excited to be taking 15 Kelley students and 5 students from the
    School of Public and Environmental Affairs to India with us in March.  This is the first time Kelley and SPEA have been able to collaborate on an international trip, and we are really excited about the breadth of experience our SPEA colleagues have working with nonprofits and in developing countries.
  • Finalizing preliminary trip logistics. We worked with the client to scope meaningful, realistic projects. We planned the group's travel and finalized the course curriculum for January.

Leading GLOBASE is no small job, but like everything, what you put into it is what you get out of it. 

I have an opportunity to work with an incredible peer group; to be coached by extraordinary mentors among the Kelley faculty and staff; to work with an inspiring team of partners in India, who are so dedicated to their work and the GLOBASE projects that it makes 7am Skype calls or weekend team meetings a total pleasure. 

For as much as I am putting into this experience, I am getting it back tenfold in the innumerable learning opportunities and depth of personal relationships that are being developed – in short, I win!  

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving from Bloomington!

Watch Meghan take a moment to reflect on what she's learned, and what's ahead in Journey of a Leader: Reflection.

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