Thursday, December 27, 2012

Advice from a Career Coach: Evaluating Multiple Offers

By Rebecca Cook
Director - Coaching and Development, Graduate Career Services
Co-Director, Capital Markets Academy

You’ve survived recruiting season, completed a multitude of interviews and you have been lucky enough to end up with a few different offers.  So now what do you do?  How do you decide which one to take?  How do you accept an offer?  How do you reject an offer in a way that would make the rejected company still want to hire you?  All of these are very important questions that need to be thought of as you move into the new world of end of school – new job.

Let’s start with how do you decide which offer to take.  There are many factors that play in this decision – salary/bonus, vacation, loving the job, family, geographic location, etc.  The key is that you need to figure out what is the most important to you.  Maybe it is location and you are willing to take a little lower salary to live where you want….or maybe it is salary and you will live anywhere for the largest dollar amount.  There isn’t a “correct” answer here – it is all personal preference.  Take the time to think through your offers, talk with your GCS coach and others who are close to you, and consider negotiating for certain things.  GCS has lots of data that can help you with this part of the process.  You can even “try on” the acceptance in that you can pretend you accepted one offer for 24 hours and see how feel and then pretend you accepted the other offer for 24 hours.  It sounds kind of silly but you will feel better on one vs. the other. 

The fun part – acceptance!  You’ve worked through your decision and decided on which company is the best fit for you.  Now you get to sign on the dotted line….but you continue to hesitate.  Why?  This is a big step and many people are afraid that they will make the wrong decision.  Let’s think about that though….you’ve reviewed all of your offers, you know the company cultures, you’ve figured out which offer seems to fit you best.  There is no reason to be afraid.  You are making the best decision for you at this point in time.  Be excited about this choice, go work at the company and make your mark.  Once you’ve been there for a little while, you can always re-evaluate and make sure that you are on the right track.

Now let’s talk about rejection.  No one likes to be rejected but you will have to say “no” to at least one company if you have multiple offers.  This isn’t a fun conversation and people often dread it, but it really doesn’t have to be that bad.  Ideally, you want to frame it very positively and highlight how much you like their company and appreciate the offer.  You want to let them know that you have thought about your decision and that unfortunately for them, you are choosing to go with another employer.  Tell them that you would like to stay in touch as you never know what will happen in the future – and then make sure you actually do it.

The key here is to enjoy the process.  Companies want you and that is a great feeling.  You have the upper hand in that you control the outcome.  Congratulations and good luck!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Journey of a Leader: Vision

By Kelly Giese
Kelley Staff

Learning to work in teams is a huge part of the Kelley MBA experience. Whether it’s on a Core team, Academy project, or global experience – our curriculum prepares students to navigate and thrive in team settings.

The third video in our "Journey of a Leader" series finds Meghan Curran and the GLOBASE India team in the thick of course planning and trip preparations. Their list is long and their decisions aren't always easy, but it's the team's shared vision that moves them forward, together.

In October, we introduced The Meg(h)ans - two inspiring MBA students who have graciously agreed to let us follow them this school year.  Their journey to leading global trips and becoming better leaders – and all of the highs and lows that come with it – will be shared.  We invite you to follow their stories on this blog, or on our YouTube page.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Take the 12 Days of Break Challenge

It's December 12, 2012. 12-12-12. There's never been a better day than today to present Graduate Career Services' "The 12 Days of Break Challenge."  

Take the challenge and maximize your winter break!

Watch 12 episodes of your favorite TV show.
  • After your first semester as an MBA, take some time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate
  • Schedule specific times to do career work during your break; don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Connect with 11 new people.
  • This is a season of giving. So, connect with people based on what you can give.
  • Connections are made in many ways: events, volunteer activities, LinkedIn, alumni events, friends and family. Go in to each looking for common ground upon which to build.

Identify 10 companies that don’t come to campus.
  • Many great firms come to Kelley, but opportunities shouldn’t end there.
  • Conduct research to identify 10 companies that don’t recruit at Kelley. Ensure your understanding of the industry/function by identifying competitors, growth opportunities, and risks.

Attend 9 holiday events.
  • Holidays are a time for family get‐togethers, alumni events, and parties. Each offers you an opportunity to connect or reconnect with people you may be able to help or vice versa.
  • Having too much or too little focus on the job may cause you to miss opportunities right in front of you. Read these tips on connecting at social events.

Learn the 8 secrets of success.

Spend $7 on coffee with a contact.
  • Invite someone to join you for coffee. Perhaps a second-year MBA, alum, or mentor with whom you have already met, just to say thank you. Or, you might invite a Kelley prospective who reached out this semester.
  • Focusing on what you can do for them, not what they can do for you, is a great way to build a relationship.

Spend 6 minutes on Wordle.
  • What does your written communication say about you? Have fun, copy and paste a writing sample into Wordle to see what words stand out.

Answer 5 questions on InterviewStream.
  • A video is worth a 1000 words. Use InterviewStream to examine your interviewing presence. (Once logged in, click “Select Interview” then “choose this interview” below “General Interview.”)
  • Refine your non‐verbal presence, then focus on tailoring your responses to the company and culture.

Take 4 minutes to Elf Yourself.
  • If you don’t crack a smile with this one, you’re definitely not in the holiday spirit! 

Connect with 3 former colleagues.
  • Don’t forget to look back, while you’re moving forward! The many people who have helped you get where you are today want to know how you’re doing. It is your responsibility to keep them up to date.
  • Read this article which highlights the value of staying in touch.

Take 2 minutes to watch this video.
  • How do you follow‐up with new contacts?
  • Take 2 minutes to find out the value of following‐up and how to be memorable.

Create 1 marketing plan.
  • Just as you would create a marketing plan for a new idea, you should create your own personal marketing plan.
  • Putting your “Points of Parity” and “Points of Difference” on paper helps you articulate your story. Use your own format or ask your GCS coach for a template.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Journey of a Leader: The Paths that Lie Ahead

By Kelly Giese
Kelley Staff

John Quincy Adams once said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

The second video of our series, Journey of a Leader, features Megan Kuhn, a leader on the GLOBASE Guatemala team. It was her desire to inspire others, to accomplish something bigger than herself, that motivated her to develop her leadership skills at Kelley. With the responsibility of leading the trip looming, she knows her actions now will impact her team’s success in Guatemala. 

We believe the transformation to leadership is an ongoing process. Developing the skills aren’t easy or comfortable.  In October, we introduced The Meg(h)ans - two inspiring MBA students who have graciously agreed to let us follow them this school year.  Their journey to leading global trips and becoming better leaders – and all of the highs and lows that come with it – will be shared.  We invite you to follow their stories this here, or on our YouTube page.