Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kelley Culture Outside the Classroom: Super Bowl Party at Prof Wayne Winston's

By Paige Krouse, Kelley Partner

On Super Bowl Sunday, my husband, myself, and 40-odd Kelley students and spouses made themselves comfortable at the home of professor Wayne Winston.  We crowded in the dining room and the living room, and then trickled across the basement, from the bar at one end to the exercise equipment at the other. It was yet another great opportunity to connect with faculty, students, and partners in Bloomington.

Professor Wayne Winston
When I moved to Bloomington, I was surprised to find that many professors (like Winston) invited students over for events and parties. My husband, Dan Krouse, is president of the MBA Association, a self-funded student organization. He told me the relationship between the faculty, staff, and student body at Kelley has always been a top priority and part of the Kelley culture.  Subsequently, I found that there were many opportunities to connect with faculty and staff outside of the classroom, even as a partner!

As we settled in to Winston’s basement during the Super Bowl, I was able to catch up with several of Dan’s peers, who had now become my own friends.  I talked with Hsi-nien, one of Dan’s teammates, about the complexities of "Grey’s Anatomy" lingo, and in between commercials, most conversations kept returning to IU’s basketball victory the night before. 

As the spouse of a student at Kelley, I could not have asked for a more welcoming environment than Bloomington. There was a thriving club for students’ partners already in place:  I suppose that after a few months, Midwestern hospitality starts to become ingrained in everyone!

My husband and I have been so happy with the program and its location.  We will be spending the last few months of our time here soaking up all that Kelley has to offer, and I know that even after graduation, we will continue to enjoy many of the great friendships we started here.

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