Monday, February 25, 2013

MBA Gala: Keeping it classy in Bloomington

By Leila Bahbah - First-year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy

February 9th was the annual Kelley MBA Gala (i.e. MBA Prom!), and it was a blast! The Gala is a formal event where we all get dressed up, have a nice dinner and dance the night away.  

During the first semester we had heard rumors of an MBA gala but nobody knew what it was about. It was some glamorous mystery event that we all wanted to attend. When we got back from winter break the gala hype was in full force. Everyone began making plans for the event from where to go for the pre-party, to where the girls were going to get their hair done, to how to dress to impress. Gala planning was definitely a nice break from internship interviews.

Every year there’s a different theme for the event, and this year the planning committee kept it pretty hush hush which created even more suspense and excitement. A couple weeks before the gala the theme was finally unveiled, Masquerade!! The talk around school evolved from who was going with whom to what your mask looked like and (for the girls) if you were going to plan your outfit around your mask or your mask around your outfit. Everyone was looking forward to this event; even the guys bought masks!
When the big day finally arrived people spent the better part of the day getting ready for the evening. I helped decorate for the event, so I got a preview of the fun that was to come. 
Master Decoraters!

My roommates and me at a Gala pre-party!
The gala was at the swankiest spot in town, the Bloomington Country Club. Once we arrived that evening there was an indescribable excitement in the air. All the girls were assessing each other’s dresses and all the guys were looking for the bar. We kicked off the evening with a nice sit down dinner, but right after we were done eating the dancing began. Masks were quickly discarded as people went from the dance floor to the gambling room to the photo booth. The gala went until midnight, but the night flew by! We were sad to see it end, but the next day my roommates and I sat around our living room reminiscing about our awesome night and already talking about next year’s gala. It will be really hard to top this year, but we’re all excited to see what happens next year!

Some photo booth action!

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