Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Skinny on the Best Professors in B-School

By Ryan Melnikas, Second-year MBA, Marketing & Business Analytics 

The Kelley School has THE BEST professors  in the country, but when I was applying, I paid little attention to this fact. I, like most prospective students, looked at overall program rankings, job placement #s, and the usual B-School criteria. However, I’ve come to love the classroom experience here and want to share my high opinion of a few select professors (and have a little innocent fun at their expense!). In the spirit of the upcoming NBA All-star game and the Hoosier state's obsession with basketball, I present...

The Inside Scoop
You call THAT a fair price!
Courses I’ve taken with Rockney: Pricing                    
What he’s like: Hilarious, caring, engaging, analytical, and pragmatic
What he brings to the table: He’s consulted for everyone who’s anyone and he’ll teach you pricing tools you can use in your internship and career. Plus, he’ll make you laugh out loud at least once a class.
NBA Player he most resembles: Magic Johnson- he’s loves the game, makes everyone around him better, and has a flair for the dramatic.

 Whose got sustainable competitive advantage?

Course I’ve taken with Neil: Marketing Strategy, Brand Asset Management
What he’s like: Brutally honest, brilliant, clever, thinks strategically (i.e., always at least 10 steps ahead of you).
What he brings to the table: He won’t coddle you- and neither will your future boss. Neil cuts through B-school jargon with an ax, so be prepared for his class! Don’t be too frightened though- it’s exhilarating- like playing one-on-one with Allen Iverson (he blows you away, but at least you’ve learned something).
NBA Player he most resembles: Iverson in his prime- he’s got swagger, he’s the best, he knows, you know, and he’s not afraid to say it. Plus, at least once a class his crossover (strategic insight) will leave you awed.

Courses I’ve taken with Vijay: Data Mining, Data Warehousing
What he’s like: Eclectic in his tastes and education, deceptively witty, analytical with a hint of artsy (his favorite band is Vampire Weekend).
What he brings to the table: Vijay loves data, but he loves telling a story with data even more. He’ll inspire you to find the ‘so what’ of figures and graphs and to wow people with your spreadsheets and SPSS output.
NBA Player he most resembles: John Stockton- he succeeded in making a dry, boring bunch, the Utah Jazz (data), into a surprisingly enjoyable experience and he’s constantly improving. Don’t underestimate Stockton’s quiet demeanor- he’s a gamer.


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