Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spotlight: Kelley Emerging Markets Experience Argentina

By Emily Josephson, First-year MBA, Marketing

The stunning view in Mendoza
Kelley offers many international opportunities, and I recently returned from an amazing two weeks as part of the Emerging Markets Experience Argentina program, The trip was the culmination of a seven-week course to learn about how the country’s political and economic history and environment impacts business. I chose this program to gain a new perspective on international business, and with many company visits and conversations with Argentines and ex-pats, I got a true sense of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the beautiful and complex country of Argentina.

While in class before the trip, teams of students researched the various companies to delve into the issues we learned about when it comes to doing business in Argentina. With constant challenges of intense government involvement, surging inflation (with a large gap between the official rate… and reality), balance of trade regulations, and a turbulent economic and political history, the Argentine businessmen and women have developed incredible resourcefulness to navigate through these issues. These themes came through at each of the companies we visited.

Kelley MBA at the Staples headquarters in Argentina
The lively city of Buenos Aires served as our home base for much of the trip and most of our company visits. We spent time with Staples, Dow, Eli Lilly, Globant, Medtronic, and Ernst & Young, hearing from executives about their first hand experience doing business in Argentina, and also engaging in Q&A. What was most striking was the matter-of-fact acceptance of these challenges, and translating that to creative problem solving to make successful business possible. In response to a student’s question about the risk of inflation, the straightforward response of “It’s not a risk – it’s a fact!” brought these concepts and theories into sharp focus.

After a casual lunch in the hip, colorful neighborhood of Palermo Soho, we spent the afternoon with a mobile app start-up sharing our ideas with the entrepreneurs. In the true spirit of Argentina, we learned about the wine industry and business of vineyard ownership with Vines of Mendoza company.

Having the opportunity to spend two weeks in Argentina, and experiencing the country after learning so much about it in class, is an opportunity I am thankful for.  While I gained a new perspective on international business than what I originally sought, I did so while learning to dance the tango at an authentic tango club, sipping malbec, walking the streets of Buenos Aires, dancing to a live improve drum show, volunteering for a day at an orphanage, and exploring a new country with my Kelley community. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hello from Beijing! Study Abroad Experience

By Errol Packard, Second-year MBA Student

Summer Palace
Hello from Beijing! I am now in my third week of classes at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Business.

Aside from learning about the culture and business environment of China, being in the Guanghua MBA exchange program is a truly international experience: of the approximately 30 other students on my program, only one is from the US (NYU-Stern). The majority are from Europe, Canada, or other countries in the Sinosphere (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan).

The highlight of my week is Managing Multi National Corporations, a strategy class that looks at recent situations multi-national corporations have faced in China. For my team of 3 Chinese MBA students, this is their first class that uses business cases- in China traditionally even MBA courses are taught only through lectures. 

Another interesting class I am taking is Business Competition Simulation- basically a semester long simulation game that combines finance, marketing, and operations decision making. This program is used in all the Chinese business schools to teach real life applications of Excel modeling, and I am so happy to have learned extensive excel spreadsheet modeling during Wayne Winston's MBA class!

One class offered to IMBA students is History and Cultural Traditions of China. While not really a business class per se, knowing about the cultural underpinnings of Chinese society is exceedingly important to working with Chinese partners and customers. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study in Beijing, and hope that we get some more Kelley students at PKU next year! Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

South Africa: A Kelley Global Emerging Market Experience

By Dalia Mitra, First-year MBA, Marketing

A large part of why I came to Kelley was their extensive international opportunities. This year I had the opportunity to do an Emerging Market Experience (EME) in South Africa after taking a seven week class covering the history, economic status and business opportunities within the country. This class and trip was planned and led by a group of second year MBAs. It provided them with more leadership experience before embarking into the real world and provided us with knowledge around an emerging market both at our desks and on the ground.

First National Bank (FNB) World Cup 2010 Stadium in Johannesburg

After reading cases, learning about the controversial history and doing group research and presentations around the wine business, eco-tourism and sports economics, our class, accompanied by two faculty members, arrived in Johannesburg to experience in person what we had learned inside the walls of  Kelley. In Jo’berg, as they affectionately call it, we were lucky to see the World Cup FNB stadium as well as meet with the ex-CEO of the 2010 World Cup and a representative from FIFA. We were also given time by Nike, who has launched a non-profit center focused on developing youth by providing a place to play football and learn about what type of opportunity was out there.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

What is a trip to South Africa without a safari? For three days, our group had the experience of a lifetime. For hours we cruised at dawn and dusk in open air safari jeeps, our eyes peeled, searching the terrain of Kruger National Park, hoping for a wild animal sighting – a giraffe, a rhino, a lion, anything. We also met with a park ranger and learned about the pricing structure, business challenges, and visitor geographic distribution. Entrance into the park for international visitors is only $30 US! Effective pricing or no?

Winery Tours in South Africa
Our next stop was a change of pace and environment. We left behind the rustic lodging at KNP and after a quick visit to Capetown, we found ourselves in Stellenbosch, the NAPA of South Africa. Endless grapevines lined the mountainsides. Our company visits were multiple wineries. We were educated around the wine making process, what South Africa specializes in and even visited one of the few Black-owned wineries to understand the opportunities that were coming forward after Apartheid.

Two weeks spent learning about a new country after studying it was an incredible experience. In between the company visits and planned activities, our schedules were sprinkled with a rugby game, trip up to Table Mountain, a visit to the Robben Island, the prison where Nelson Mandela was kept, the Apartheid museum, Nando’s chicken, all the while strengthening our personal relationships with each other and our future MBA Kelley network.
Kelley School of Business atop Table Mountain, Cape Town

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Entrepreneurship Academy - Velocity Conference 2013

By Tom Licisyn, First-year MBA, Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship Academy at eBay

It was a high of 67°F and sunny in Berkeley, California.  We heard from a Researcher, Philanthropist, and CEO before breaking for lunch on the Berkley campus.  We would then meet Nicholas Seet, founder of Auditude, in the afternoon session.  Seet became a professor in Los Alamos, New Mexico after selling his company to Adobe for over $100 million.  Tomorrow, we would tour eBay, SonicWALL (now part of Dell), and Cisco before heading to Plug and Play Tech Center who hosted a reception exclusively for the Kelley group.  It was just another day as a Kelley MBA student.

Students of the faculty-selected Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy were treated to a week in the Bay Area for Velocity 2013 sponsored by the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI).  Started in 2000 by Dr. Jack Gill, the Velocity Conference has grown to include for the first time this year select graduate students from the Indiana University School of Informatics and College of Arts and Sciences.  One objective of the JCEI is to facilitate cross-campus collaboration with the Kelley School.  Nothing could be more perfect than to experience Velocity with Kelley MBAs and graduate students from Indiana University’s different schools.  Together, we learned about entrepreneurship and corporate innovation by visiting those that practice it.  It was amazing to be part of the Velocity group and hear first-hand the stories of entrepreneurs and business innovators in the Bay Area.

Monday, March 18, 2013

From NASA to India: How Kelley has Shaped My Journey

By Greg Mattes, First-year MBA, Entrepreneurship 

I am currently sitting at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad, India, where I will be attending the Graduate Business Conference that includes representatives from many of the top MBA programs from around the world.  The Kelley MBA program has challenged and given me opportunities in ways that I could have never imagined from any MBA program.  With the resources at Kelley, I have been able to achieve everything that have wanted to accomplish and then some.

Taj Mahal - Photo taken during my pre-conference travels
Last month, I was elected by the student body to be the MBA Association President.  This role entails leading the student experience for the approximately 400 students in the program.  I am excited to take on this responsibility to continue driving the outstanding experiences that Kelley offers outside the classroom, but also because I know this position will develop my skills as a leader.  There are 40 student-run clubs and committees that offer these same challenges and experiences—the opportunities at Kelley are endless.

I came to Kelley as a career switcher; the only problem was that I didn’t know what career I wanted to switch into.  The support that Kelley Graduate Career Services (GCS) provides in terms of professional reflection and development has been invaluable.  I have found my passion for working in K-12 education and will be working for the Tennessee Department of Education this summer—it was Kelley that uniquely positioned me to make this dramatic career shift.

I didn’t quit my job with NASA at the Johnson Space Center so that I could have a mediocre MBA experience.  Kelley has allowed me to ignite my career and send me in new, exciting, and successful directions—such as going to conferences in India!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IU Kelley/Maurer team wins investment competition over Harvard, Yale

Brandon Benjamin (4th year JD/MBA), Jorge Alvarez (3rd year JD/MBA), Damon Yousefy (3rd year JD/MBA), Nathan Chun (3rd year JD/MBA) and Eli Stoughton (3rd year JD) advance to the international competition in April.

Congratulations to IU's Kelley School of Business/Maurer School of Law team, which recently brought home the top prize in the Venture Capital Investment Competition at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

The team's performance bested those from Harvard, Yale and Michigan, among other schools. The IU team moves on to compete in the international finals at the University of North Carolina in April.

Teams reviewed business plans and pitches from an innovative online tutoring service and a pharmaceutical development startup and decided in which to invest. After valuation and due diligence sessions, two teams invested in the tutoring service; four teams, including IU, invested in the pharma company.

Based on feedback from the VC judges, the IU team beat the competition in the written reports on the term sheet structure and executive summary, and in the live negotiation and Q&A sessions.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Journey of a Leader: Realization

By Kelly Giese - Kelley Staff

Second-year MBA Meghan Curran said it best when talking about GLOBASE India: "Our work is bigger than the classroom."

In the days before their departure, Meghan reflects on her experience as a team leader and mentor, the personal weaknesses she's overcome, and the reality that a very real business is depending on her team's guidance.

The pressure is on, but fortunately, her strong leadership and passion are apparent. We're confident GLOBASE India will come home with a huge win.

Watch the full "Journey of a Leader" series on YouTube.

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