Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Entrepreneurship Academy - Velocity Conference 2013

By Tom Licisyn, First-year MBA, Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship Academy at eBay

It was a high of 67°F and sunny in Berkeley, California.  We heard from a Researcher, Philanthropist, and CEO before breaking for lunch on the Berkley campus.  We would then meet Nicholas Seet, founder of Auditude, in the afternoon session.  Seet became a professor in Los Alamos, New Mexico after selling his company to Adobe for over $100 million.  Tomorrow, we would tour eBay, SonicWALL (now part of Dell), and Cisco before heading to Plug and Play Tech Center who hosted a reception exclusively for the Kelley group.  It was just another day as a Kelley MBA student.

Students of the faculty-selected Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy were treated to a week in the Bay Area for Velocity 2013 sponsored by the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JCEI).  Started in 2000 by Dr. Jack Gill, the Velocity Conference has grown to include for the first time this year select graduate students from the Indiana University School of Informatics and College of Arts and Sciences.  One objective of the JCEI is to facilitate cross-campus collaboration with the Kelley School.  Nothing could be more perfect than to experience Velocity with Kelley MBAs and graduate students from Indiana University’s different schools.  Together, we learned about entrepreneurship and corporate innovation by visiting those that practice it.  It was amazing to be part of the Velocity group and hear first-hand the stories of entrepreneurs and business innovators in the Bay Area.


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