Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Journey of a Leader: Open Minds Open Hearts

Globase leader, Megan Kuhn, with her student team in Guatemala. 

Along with her fellow leaders, Kelley MBA student Megan Kuhn has spent the past year preparing for the 2013 GLOBASE Guatemala deployment. Upon arrival last March, it was evident that the hours of planning, coaching, meeting, and presenting were well worth it. Her team was equipped and ready to make an impact. 

In the last video of Megan's leadership journey, get a glimpse of the GLOBASE in-country experience. Watch our students get to work, leading clients to real business solutions. More than that, we explore the concept of generational leadership. We agree with Megan, as she says in the video, leadership is about inspiring those around you to raise the bar.

Watch the full "Journey of a Leader" series on YouTube.

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