Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just a few of the impressive Alums from Kelley: Women in Business Night

By Jacqui Cuffe, President of Kelley Association of Women MBAs, Marketing 

Current Kelley MBA Women with notable alumni speaker, Beth Acton (center)
On Thursday, April 11th, Kelley Association of Women MBAs hosted an event titled "Women in Business", sponsored by Cummins LTD., Alumni, students, and faculty gathered to hear fellow alumni panelists discuss their careers and provide insights to working beyond our borders. 

Beth Acton kicked of the event with inspiring words of wisdom as well as leading us through her extremely successful career path.  Beth received Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota and later received her MBA from Indiana University. She held many notable positions such as Executive Vice President, Finance and Treasurer of Ford Motor Company in addition to her ten year term as Chief Financial Officer of Comerica Incorporated and its subsidiary, Comerica Bank.  

While achieving such business success, Mrs. Acton also built a family of four, two boys and a husband whom she has been married to for over thirty years.

During her speech, Beth provided six key takeaways for Kelley MBA students:
1. Have a separate personal life.
2. Think big, but don't kid yourself!
3. YOU are responsible for your career - be your biggest supporter.
4. Ask for feedback regularly and try to improve.
5. Network both inside and outside your industry.
6. Take risks in your career - take an international assignment or an assignment away from HQ

In addition to Beth, we had three alumni panelists come and share their views of working beyond our borders. Stacy Thompson had just returned from Switzerland where she was working with Biotronik on creating clinical and commercialization strategies in key markets in Europe and Asia. Donna Heckler is a GLOBAL brand strategy executive and thought leader in brand marketing. She is also co-author of the book “The Truth about Creating Brands People Love”. Cathy Buening-Griffin has been working at Cummins for over twenty years. She has traveled the world extensively working various roles. She is also a mother of four.

The event was extremely informative and a lot of fun. It was amazing to see the success of our Kelley Alumni!

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