Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Living Up to the Standard: Jyotishman at Microsoft

Living Up to the Standard: Internship Series
By Jyotishman Sharma, Microsoft Financial Intern

One thing I learned at Kelley is the importance of networking and being bold. 

It is was not a lesson that was easy to learn - it was definitely a growing process throughout my first year in the MBA program. I came to Kelley from a different country and a different culture, now knowing what networking really was or its importance. I felt uneasy at the start of my MBA as I was thrown in front of recruiters from some of the top companies in the world just weeks after arriving. 

However, the awesome second-year MBA students took the time to sit with me and help me refine my story and the graduate career coaches pushed me hard, telling me feedback that I needed to hear, never what I wanted to hear. 

Now I am working as a Finance Manager intern at Microsoft's Office Division in Seattle analyzing the cost structure of approximately $20 B of business and proposing strategies for consumer acquisitions.

I am putting all that I learned at Kelley in use; from hardcore finance skills to people skills. After a year of developing my leadership abilities, I do not get intimidated when the CFO stops by to see what I am working on. Everything I learned at Kelley is relevant in the ‘real-world’. From Professor Phil Powell's theory on the best incentives for a sales organization, to Professor Rockney Walter's marketing brilliance, I have seen the concepts in action in the short period of time I have been with Microsoft. Kelley has taught me actionable, tangible, relevant and high-impact skills in a very short period. If you remember nothing else, Kelley is courage.


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