Monday, June 24, 2013

Living Up to the Standard: Natalie at Direct Supply

Living Up to the Standard: Internship Series

By Natalie Ciambrone, Direct Supply Intern

After spending over nine months in Bloomington, I was eager to start my internship and prove to myself that my decision to go back to get an MBA was the right one.
Last week marked the half-way point of my internship at Direct Supply. As I looked back over those six weeks, I was initially concerned about my decision to go back to school after I realized that some of the hard skills I had learned were not directly transferring to my summer project. But it was thanks to a comment from the Direct Supply CEO at the end of my mid-point presentation that I realized there was so much more I had learned in my first year than just those technical skills.

The CEO inadvertently helped me realize it was confidence, among other things, that I had gained from my time at Kelley. Through my experiences with the GLOBASE Guatemala consulting trip and through defending my positions in class during case discussions, I have become comfortable with navigating through the ambiguous, “gray areas” of business. This has come in handy since my strategy project requires me to help the company turn a gray topic into a profitable solution.

My internship stretches me beyond my comfort zone almost every day. Before Kelley I would have been unable to navigate the process and intimidated by the idea of having to figure it out. But even just after a year of being at Kelley, I feel prepared to embrace whatever new challenges are thrown my way. The experiences that helped develop this new found confidence is what makes my decision worth it.


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