Monday, July 8, 2013

Living Up to the Standard: Samantha at Colgate Palmolive

Living Up to the Standard: Internship Series
By Samantha Sieloff, Colgate Palmolive marketing intern

I am almost halfway through my internship at Colgate Palmolive and I have seen proof of something that I always hoped was true – Kelleys care about those around them more and think more collaboratively than other top MBA programs.

From the day we began, the three interns from Kelley instantly came together as a fun, inclusive unit, even though we were merely acquaintances during our first year in school.

We started networking as a team, introducing each other to new contacts and collectively growing our visibility within the company. We frequently share tips on projects or how to make a good impression as we look out for each other in our collective pursuit to secure a full time offer. Technically we are each other’s competition, but you would never know that by the way we act.

And that’s just how Kelley is. Our default way of thinking is to be inclusive of any past, present, or future Kelley. Not only does it make me proud to be from a place that values caring and collaboration so deeply, but I feel certain that it will yield on-going benefits throughout my career.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Living Up to the Standard: Greg at the Tennessee Department of Education

Living Up to the Standard: Internship Series

By Greg Mattes, Tennessee Department of Education Intern

Prior to coming to Kelley, I was a Space Shuttle Flight Controller at NASA's Johnson Space Center.  Now I am informing policy at the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE)--quite the career shift, but I am well prepared.

So far I have worked on two projects--1. Investigating early childhood education in Tennessee and benchmarking it against other states and 2. Detailing current virtual learning policy and categorizing the initiatives around the state.

This fellowship at the TDOE has given me the opportunity to brief Commissioner Huffman directly, informing him about education topics critical to the future of Tennessee youth.  Kelley has prepared me to step into these large, challenging and ambiguous problems to create concise, thoughtful recommendations. It is an exciting job with immense impact--EXCITING!

I have enjoyed the first few weeks of the fellowship and am looking forward to finishing the summer strong!