Monday, September 30, 2013

Company Speed Dating for Kelley MBAs

 By Kyle PriceFirst-year MBA, Business Marketing Academy

“Ring, ring, ring.”  Bells were ringing in the first week of class for Kelley’s first year MBAs as we had the opportunity to network with over 40 companies at the Kelley MBA Roundtables event.

On Friday, August 29th my classmates and I put our business clothes back on and headed to the Bloomington Convention Center to network with company recruiters.  The event was set up so that each company was at a separate table.  Students then had 20 minutes at a table before the bell rang and we had to move to a different table.  It was essentially company speed dating for Kelley MBA students.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about how companies are coming to MBA campuses early in the school year to recruit talented students.  The Kelley MBA program is at the front of this trend through events like the Roundtables.  While it can be challenging to get your pitch and career goals put together this early in the school year, Kelley’s #1 ranked Graduate Career Services (GCS) had me and my classmates ready to go. 

Since July, my classmates and I had been working through personality tests, mapping our career goals, and developing our personal pitches.  When we got to campus for orientation, GCS worked one on one with each of us to refine our career goals and how we would achieve them.  By the time the Kelley Roundtables event began, my classmates and I were fully prepared to make a positive impression with prestigious companies.

Through the event I was able to meet with 10 different companies and build a tremendous contact list.  This allowed me to schedule informational phone calls with several companies and one company even interviewed me just three weeks later.

To anyone exploring MBA programs, I invite you to come visit us at Kelley.  During your visit you’ll get to hear more of these stories and how GCS is preparing Kelley MBAs for successful careers.  What are you waiting for- it won’t be long before the bell will be ringing again!  

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  1. Always better to have the elevator pitch ready when starting business school. Kelley Roundtables sounds fun!