Monday, September 23, 2013

Internship Reflections: Luke at Eli Lilly

Internship Reflections: Luke at Eli Lilly
By Luke Hayward, 2nd year MBA, Consumer Marketing Academy
Luke Hayward

When I sat down at my desk for the first day of my summer internship at Eli Lilly, my project seemed like a huge, almost insurmountable task.  

After feeling overwhelmed for a short time, I thought back to the process I went through during the Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA) project in the spring of my first year at Kelley. The CMA project begins with an existing problem that a real company asks Kelley students to analyze. It is essentially the same level of difficulty as an internship project, but you work through it with a team of five. It is great practice before the actual internship starts. 

I thought back on how the academy directors  Ray Luther and Jonlee Andrews  continually pushed us to make sure our ideas were grounded in strong analysis of the available data. I also remembered how they pushed us to not only have good ideas and recommendations, but to tell a story with our presentation to ensure that everyone was able to follow it and thus increase our chances for buy-in on our recommendations from senior management. 

As I was putting my final presentation together I felt like I had compiled a lot of valuable information, but it needed to be more cohesive and really tell a story of what I'd been working on during my internship and how I arrived at my conclusions. 

I called upon what I had learned in the CMA and reworked my final presentation so that it had a compelling hook at the beginning, followed by a story that added layers of data as it went on, concluding in a strongly supported recommendation.  As a result I was able to deliver a great final presentation and get buy-in from all the key stakeholders on my team.  I truly believe that Kelley and the CMA gave me all the tools and experience that I needed to excel this summer!

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