Monday, October 28, 2013

Arts to Business on the Kelley Blog

We, Ellen Gartner Phillips and Julia M. Wilcox, are excited to begin posting to the Kelley Blog. We are the founding authors of Arts to Business, a blog documenting our experience transitioning from careers as professional musicians to careers in business. A2B seeks to be a resource for all career switchers: we will be reposting our articles from the Arts to Business page for the Kelley community. If you are interested in reading more, you can visit the full A2B blog at

Blog Post 1: August 25, 2013
Ellen Gartner Phillips and Julia M. Wilcox announce Arts to Business

Julia M. Wilcox
Ellen Gartner Phillips
We are excited to welcome you to our new blog, Arts to Business. We are first year MBA candidates at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and classically trained musicians with seven years of professional performing experience. Throughout those years, we were aware of a shift, both for us personally, and within the arts community as a whole. Thinking ahead in our careers, the idea of an MBA began to make sense, even though we didn’t quite know why. Initially, we both believed this was a unique desire, and that we would get to an MBA program and be the only musician making the transition. Over veggie pitas on our first day of orientation at Kelley, we had a conversation and click – there we were, two musicians in an MBA program. We commiserated over the grueling application process, our fears of being a singular entity amidst a homogenous MBA class, and our shock and relief to have found each other. We were, thankfully … not alone. After hearing the stories of our classmates, we realize that the Kelley School of Business is a place that embraces diversity. There are people in our class from all different walks of life – there’s an Ironman, a social worker, a couple from Nicaragua, two Peace Corps volunteers, a yogi, and a vast array of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Being different at Kelley is normal. It’s what makes this place so great, and what drives us to write.

We write this blog to share our experiences, with the goal of helping others see the valuable parallels between conservatory and business school. Even in these first weeks of orientation, it is clear that our backgrounds lend themselves well to this new adventure.  Tomorrow, we look forward to our first day of school in a long, long time. There will be ups and downs, and maybe some sideways swipes, but we’ll be posting all along the way. We invite you to follow us as we transition from the arts to business. And so the journey begins … from the practice room to the board room.


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