Thursday, October 24, 2013

Become a Compelling Story Through Me Inc.

By Christopher Sveen, First-year MBA, Finance

Christopher Sveen
As a trial attorney from Chicago, success depended upon my ability to tell an engaging story to a jury as a way to help them understand the facts of a case.  Anyone who’s seen a movie knows that stories can be the best way to connect with someone.  At the Kelley School of Business, every first year student participates in Me, Inc., a continuous career workshop focused on understanding our strengths, limitations, and career aspirations. (Video here) One aspect of this process is to develop ways to articulate what makes us special.

My classmates brought incredible personal stories to business school. They followed their passions to cultivate extensive skill sets and impressive accomplishments. But moving forward, a major question of every student is how to make sense of what they’ve done.  How do we turn our past into a compelling story for the future?

At Me Inc., Kelley challenged me to think about the story I wanted to tell to others, particularly prospective employers.

Me Inc. facilitators pushed me to define my personal brand and be proactive in determining how I wanted to be perceived.  By identifying professional themes in my life and connecting them to my skills and passions, Kelley helped me build a captivating story that explained who I am and where I wanted to go. What I did for my clients, I can now do for myself.

This aspect of career development is critical to the success of Kelley Career Graduate Services and our students. Because of this personal and professional introspection, my classmates and I are able to tell prospective employers what we have been doing, where we want to go and how we plan on getting there. As a Top 15 Full-time MBA Program, employers agree. The Kelley School of Business graduates continue to prove that they are the best of both poet and quant.  

How are you becoming a compelling story?


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