Monday, October 7, 2013

Whirpool's Chris Ball Visits Leadership Academy

By Beth Fehrenbacher, Second-year MBA, Marketing

Me asking Chris Ball a question

When I was selected to join the Leadership Academy this year as a second year MBA student I knew that I would be learning applicable frameworks and skills, but what I didn’t expect was just HOW much those frameworks and skills would translate into real-life. After having the privilege to listen to Chris Ball from Whirlpool, I can see that I had indeed underestimated the applicability of my leadership academy training.

Chris, a very successful domestic and international manager at Whirlpool, showed us first-hand the documents that he and his fellow managers use to frame development conversations, plan talent pipelines, and guide their employee’s career path. He also exposed us to his personal leadership style, sharing his values and personal operating principals. 

Throughout his talk, I saw correlations to our leadership academy lessons. Chris talked about having development conversations with his employees and I saw the FUEL framework come to life. He talked about values and I was brought back to our value-sort exercise. He talked about having a career compass and focusing on gaining needed experiences (not titles), and I remembered Ray & Eric, our leadership academy directors, pushing us to think about our 10 year career goal and what experiences we might need to seek out to achieve that goal.

I’m really grateful that I had the chance to hear from Chris about how this training can come to life, but I’m even more grateful for the opportunity Kelley has provided me to explore and practice these valuable skills through the Leadership Academy.

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