Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Consulting Academy: Preparing for Life After Kelley

By Paige Malone, First-year MBA, Finance

Turning a career goal into an executable strategy may seem like a daunting task when you face it alone, especially if you are a career switcher.  The Kelley School of Business Graduate Career Services and the academy structure of the program make this process much more manageable, enabling students to gain practical skills to transition seamlessly into a new career.  The Consulting Academy has helped me discover more about the consulting industry through experienced coaches and develop practical skills through “Academy Fridays.

I came to school with a broad idea of where I saw my career heading. I am looking to transition into consulting, where I can continuously be challenged, work in ambiguous situations, and truly help shape businesses.  However, “consulting” has many different layers- different industries, functions, company cultures, which I needed to learn more about to fine tune where I actually fit within the industry. Through my academy, I am surrounded by knowledgeable individuals, who have many years of experience within the industry, including a career coach, academy mentors, and a peer coach. If you put yourself into a sea of people who care about your success, you are bound to develop and thrive.

"Academy Fridays” are dedicated to not only exploring the industry, but also developing crucial skills to succeed within the industry. One aspect of consulting that caused much anxiety for me before Kelley was a part of the process of actually landing the job- the case interview.  “Practice makes perfect” certainly rings true with case interviews, and having 42 of my peers striving towards the same goal, has made finding a case cracking study buddy quite easy.  Armed with practice and ample feedback, I know come January, I will be able to walk into my interviews with confidence, and I will be one step closer to reaching my career goals.

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