Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tailoring Your MBA to Your Interests: Kelley Clubs

By Sarah Nagelvoort, First-year MBA, Operations and Supply Chain and Innovation

We’ve all heard the question: Why are you pursuing an MBA?

The answers are all over the board. Some MBA’s want to go into a specific industry such as clean energy or consumer goods. Other MBA’s are looking to switch career tracks, start a business, or have an impact on world issues. Everyone’s story is different and at Kelley you have the opportunity to make your MBA experience as unique as your reasons for pursuing it.

During the first semester at Kelley it is easy to get wrapped up in Core, a set of classes every Kelley MBA takes to learn the business basics that are an important part of making informed management decisions. So if everyone is taking the same classes, what can you do to follow your individual business passion? I found out at the Kelley club roundtables where first year students had the chance to “network” with Kelley’s from more than 20 MBA student clubs and organizations. The clubs focus on a multitude of business aspects including industry, international business, social impact, and innovation. They also include clubs where students can pursue their diverse interests and hobbies (Wine club or Golf club anyone?)

I came to Kelley because I am passionate about sustainable business. After talking to the club reps I felt that Net Impact and Kelley Innovators Club (KIC) were the best fit for me. Since joining I’ve had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and get a jump start on how to write an effective business plan with KIC. Net Impact is in the process of planning a fantastic symposium about how to have a positive impact in any career. And these are just the few opportunities I’ve chosen to participate in. There are club meetings and events almost every day of the week!

So whether you’re interested in strategic finance, sustainable sourcing, or another exciting area of business there is a place for you at Kelley to follow your unique interests from the moment you arrive.


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