Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thoughts on "Why Kelley"

By John Hollfeder, First-year MBA, Marketing

In 2012, the Kelley School of Business earned many accolades. Like many of my counterparts in the Class of 2015, my interest in the Kelley School of Business MBA program stems from its reputation.  However, after being here for 2 months it is my belief that Kelley’s greatest asset cannot be found in the rankings of top business schools. Kelley differentiates itself through its distinguished faculty and the passion of the student body.

Kelley’s collaborative culture has empowered me to grow both personally and professionally. I am consistently provided the opportunity to challenge and be challenged with formal and informal involvement at the Kelley School of business. At Kelley the team based environment has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal relationships with my classmates and encouraged me step beyond my daily comfort zone.

My personal and professional growth during my short time at the Kelley School of Business is due in large part to my peers. With over 17 different countries represented in this year’s class, I am interacting daily with individuals of all skills and personalities. My class consists of an orthopedic surgeon who was a recipient of the “Exceptional Service’ award for servicing those in need after the Mumbai bomb blast of 2006, a violist who played Carnegie Hall, a former Hoosier basketball player who competed in the NCAA tournament, a unit commander who led 144 soldiers in Iraq while engaging in over 320 combat missions, Peace Corps volunteers who served in Mongolia and Cameroon, and successful professionals spanning virtually all industries.

This is why when I graduate from the Kelley School of Business in the spring of 2015, I won’t be just graduating with a group of connections that comprise the largest business network in the world, but I will be walking across the stage with lifelong friendships that will stretch across the globe.


  1. Even I think on same lines. It is important to choose a good school for bright future. My friend is dong his global MBA from TBird and I am proud of him.

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