Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From the Army to the Private Sector

By Andrew Bowling, First-year MBA, Marketing

Andrew Bowling
As a former officer in the United States Army, finding an MBA program that valued my military experience and knew how to assist me in translating those skills into the private sector was very important. I chose the Kelley School of Business because of its ability to do just that. To date, my experience at Kelley has been extremely productive in terms of reaching that goal - and I’m only in the first semester of my first year.

During Me Inc., a week long workshop that helps students establish their personal brands, 2nd year students and Graduate Career Service (GCS) coaches helped me understand and verbalize the clear parallels between my Army experiences and the skills needed for success in the private sector. Members of the Kelley Veterans Club have consistently provided feedback on my resume and offered advice for succeeding in an interview. As a result, when interacting with various companies at networking events I feel confident in articulating the value I can add to each firm.

I was initially concerned about excelling in a top 15 MBA program since I had no previous business experience in my undergraduate education or career, but my acumen and abilities in Finance and Accounting have improved greatly under the supervision of Kelley’s engaging and entertaining faculty. Additionally, my classmates are more than happy to volunteer their time to explain concepts or discuss cases for the next day’s class - an aspect I really appreciate about the Kelley culture. 

Ultimately, the Kelley School values the same principles that were important to me in the Army: integrity, teamwork, innovation, and leadership. The transition to Kelley has been very natural, and I remain confident that my career's trajectory will be due in no small part the lessons Kelley has taught me about effectively leveraging my background as a veteran.

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