Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collaboration At Work

By Gauri NayakFirst-year MBA, Marketing

My team, Green 5, and the Green Cohort at Color Wars
As a prospective student, when I looked up the Kelley website one of the key themes that stayed with me was the culture of Collaboration. Having previously worked for an organization that was driven by this core value, it was important to find a school where I could blend in instinctively.

At Kelley, you start off your MBA journey with a core team – a team comprised of 4-5 individuals with diverse backgrounds and temperaments but with a common aspiration to discover and succeed in their future business careers. The bonding begins during Me Inc., where you share your story and your design for the future. At the same time as Me Inc. you participate in an outdoor team bonding activity conducted at Bradford Woods that exemplifies the notion of team spirit. The first case competition at the end of orientation sets the foundation towards a semester that is greatly driven by teamwork and assignments.

Making the transition back into a student life in a new cultural setting has had its share of challenges for me, but it has definitely been made easier by having my team around. Whether it is the submission of assignments, the understanding of concepts, or sharing of study guides when the exams came around– the pressure has been significantly buffered.

The team spirit extends beyond your group-work team as well. Your cohort is your larger team. If I am asked to introduce myself – I am afraid I will end up appending my cohort to my name just the way all kindergarten kids do! That’s your ice-breaker sentence when you meet a new classmate – so which cohort are you in? The cohort wars (seen in picture) really drilled down the cohort-based identity in each of us. I am sure we will carry this with us post Fall core semester too.

And collaboration does not end there – the second years, peer coaches, academy directors, academy advisors, career coaches – all collaborate with you to help you through your journey of self-discovery and identifying the right career track. Kelley exemplifies teamwork in more than just one way!

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