Thursday, December 5, 2013

Social Life in the Kelley MBA Program

By Marie CameronFirst-year MBA, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Kelleys having fun at a hockey game
One of the most fun things about coming back to school is being surrounded by fun and engaging individuals who are willing to get involved in just about anything. From exploring the restaurants on Kirkwood to study sessions, there are plenty of great ways to get to know members of the MBA program.

In the past 14 weeks, in conjunction with a variety of clubs, students have participated in a many activities (including, but not limited to): a fall honkey-tonk (complete with a live band), karaoke night, family trick-or-treating and volunteer service day. 

Students have gone to IU Opera productions and built a home with Habitat for Humanity. Others have taken advantage of rock climbing wall in town, or the free work out classes at the campus rec center. Of course, there is always time to support our Indiana Hoosiers at the football tailgates and basketball games.

Just a few of the volunteers at Kelley Service Day

Unsurprisingly, a fair amount of time is focused on studying. The first years recently finished their first round of finals. Many hours were spent in the Godfrey Center writing accounting journal entries on the whiteboards or appreciating the finer details of the Spanish economy; however, there was still time for late night coffee runs and YouTube video watching to add a little lightness to the study sessions

Being involved on and off-campus is not only enjoyable, it helps strengthen new friendships and expand our personal and professional networks. It builds a support system in our new home here in Bloomington. 

IU Football tailgates

Kelley’s alumni network recently surpassed 100,000 living alumni (the largest network in the nation!). The Kelley network is one of the many things that makes Kelley a special place – with a network that large and strong, it is easy to see that wherever we go post-MBA, a Kelley friend will not be far away.


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