Monday, February 24, 2014

Kelley Student-Led Treks

By Joe Boesen, First-year MBA, Marketing

As MBA students in the middle of the Midwest, we sure do travel!

As a first year MBA student, my classmates and I got the chance to travel to corporate headquarters and learn from Kelley alumni at firms like General Mills, Amazon, Kraft, Target, 3M, Eli Lilly, P&G, Colgate, Nestle, Land O' Lakes, Abbott, NetApp, Deloitte, Yahoo, Microsoft and Gallup, among others. 

These company visits were part of student-led treks, where we, the students, coordinate directly with recruiting firms to visit the company to see what it is like at HQ, even before we interview or head off for summer internships. They are great ways for student leaders to take on a challenging task of planning, coordinating, and executing a trip that upholds the Kelley standards.

Many of these treks take place during Thanksgiving or Winter breaks, when MBA’s have a moment to breathe without papers, group projects, tests or cases to worry about. This year, students led their classmates to New York City, Minneapolis, Madison, Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.
Consulting students trekking to Deloitte 
Setting foot in a company headquarters gives you the opportunity to learn simple facts about the company, like what recent MBA grads do on a day-to-day basis, how big their cubes are or see where they eat lunch. It also provides students with a deeper learning experience, like understanding core company values and mission, as represented at the headquarters.

Seattle skyline while visiting Amazon
These trips help students form the initial gut reactions, as in “I can really see myself working here and being successful,” or “There’s no way I’d ever work here!” These intuitions are essential in making decisions on how intensely to pursue different firms during the recruiting season. It’s also a great way to get noticed by recruiters and move your name up the preference and interview lists in the next few months.

So if you are wondering how Kelley students continue to lock down great internships and full-time positions with top companies, I’ve given you the first hint – they don’t happen by just staying in Southern Indiana!


  1. Hey I must say you were pretty lucky. My cousin is doing global MBA and I don’t think he has visited any industry yet in first six months of his course.


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