Thursday, February 6, 2014

Slate Debate: Running for Student Government

By Julia Wilcox, First-year MBA, Marketing 

From left to right: Drew, Paige, John, Joe - the 4 presidential candidates running in class of 2015
It’s been a long couple of weeks for the groups, or “Slates”, on the campaign trail. In the midst of normal coursework, an uptick in group projects that eat up way more time than expected, and those pesky internship interviews 1st year MBAs have been taking, the four Slates have been carefully crafting platforms, missions, visions, and campaign strategies. They have dedicated late nights and weekends to discuss their beliefs on where the Kelley MBA program is, where it is going, and how the Class of 2015 can leave a legacy for future generations of Kelley MBAs. This week, the election will take place, and the winning slate will take over leading the MBA Association in the coming months. They will carry on the legacy of KelleyUnite!, who launched its flagship initiative, Kelley Values, late last year.

Currently running on a slate, and observing the other three from a distance, it’s inspiring to see how each is a direct reflection of our class, the Class of 2015. There is a drive among us to make Kelley the best it can be. There is a drive that innately requires us to push each other, to make each other better leaders, and to collaborate in a way that is demanding, constructive, and supportive. Kelley’s culture of collaboration can be seen during Slate discussions (and I’m sure in GLOBASE meetings, and the numerous other group projects occurring currently). Kelley Collaboration exists in an environment where we are encouraged to disagree, to challenge each other, and to be opinionated. We are expected to contribute our own thoughts, despite the thoughts of the group. But, we are also expected to live the following: “I disagree, but why not this?” If you are to disagree, you must also contribute a new idea. It is this cycle of ideating that allows us to withstand the constant feedback loop that permeates the Kelley MBA program. And, through this, we ultimately stretch our minds to think in brand new ways. This culture is what differentiates Kelley. It’s what makes Kelley MBAs the some of the world’s most effective and engaging leaders.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the election shakes out. The four Slates each have different visions of how the Class of 2015 can leave its legacy. However it ends up, I know that we’ll be in good hands for the Class of 2015 is one of action, leadership, and one dedicated to leaving a lasting impression for future generations of Kelley MBAs.

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