Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Road to Landing an Internship: Andy Dumich at GM

By Andy Dumich, First-year MBA, Finance

I have always been a “car guy.”  Before business school, cars were somewhere between a hobby and an obsession for me.  Although, I subscribed to the magazines, attended countless car shows, traveled to internationally just to watch Formula 1 races and even participated in local auto-cross racing, I had never given any serious thought to a career in the automotive industry.  My pre-MBA background included three years in public accounting and four years as a financial analyst at a law firm.

When I arrived in Bloomington, my Kelley experience began with a program called Me Inc.  My facilitator for this program was Paul Binder from Graduate Career Services.  Paul also happened to be my career coach for the Strategic Finance Academy.  Through Me Inc. and subsequent meetings, Paul continued to emphasize the importance of targeting specific industries during my internship hunt.  At the time, I was having difficulties with this because of my diverse interest and the wide range of companies that recruit at Kelley. Then fate stepped in.

My Graduate Assistantship in the Graduate Career Services office provided me an opportunity to work with a second year student that interned and had already accepted a full-time position in GM’s OnStar marketing division.  This was like having a daily informational interview and I immediately began peppering him with questions.  The more I heard, the more I liked.  Through him I learned that OnStar was coming to campus to recruit for marketing interns.  Although I was targeting finance positions, I thought it would be useful to attend their information session.  After the session, I introduced myself to the presenters and had a great conversation with their Marketing Director who graduated from Kelley in 2005. 

After the info session, I emailed him and setup an informational interview. We had a great discussion and I asked if he knew anyone in GM’s finance department.  He happily gave me contact info for a manager in the finance department.  I repeated the process and had several more informational interviews with GM finance people.  Eventually, I was connected with their recruiting team for “non-core schools.”  My first interview was over the phone with a Finance Director from their Purchasing & Supply Chain group followed by another one with a Manager from the Product Development group. The questions for both interviews included a mix of technical finance questions and behavior questions.

The next week, I received a phone call from GM and they offered me a Finance Internship in their EXCEL program which is the feeder for their rotational finance leadership development program.  I’m very excited about my summer opportunity and grateful for the chance to work in an industry that I love!


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